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Work Local, Live Local Affordable Program

To qualify for the affordable program, applicants need to meet and not exceed the following income thresholds:

  • 1 applicant: $42,700/annually
  • 2 applicants: $48,800/combined salary annually
  • 2 applicants +1: $54,900/combined salary annually

The process for prospective residents to apply for affordable unit program includes:

  • A credit application and credit/criminal screening with a $75 fee per adult
  • Income verification
  • Upon approval the household will pay a $300 security deposit
  • Conditional applications will pay a security deposit equal to one month’s rent
  • A standard one year lease will be executed for residency with a provision indicating that income will be re-evaluated for AMI compliance 90 days prior to lease end
  • Monthly Rent Includes Water, Sewer, Trash, and Electric

Please contact us for additional details or to start the application process.